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RSD Exclusive Aug

Special unreleased new mix for Record Store Day 2020 created by original band members Marian Gold and Bernhardt Lloyd together with Blank & Jones. For the first time since he left Alphaville in 2003, Bernhard worked with Marian in the studio and they used only original parts from the 1984 multi track tapes, no additional instruments. Blank & Jones work closely with the band since 2013 on various projects like "so8os (so eighties) Reconstructions pres. Alphaville“ and the "Forever Young - Super Deluxe Edition".

The name "Grant & Kelly Remix“results from a line in the second verse of the song: "….Like the Cary Grants and Kellys once before…“. This limited edition also features a special long version on the B-side.

Side A – “Sounds Like A Melody (Grant & Kelly Remix)”
Side B – “Sounds Like A Melody (Grant & Kelly Reimix-Extended Version)”

Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

A-side is the first new material in 20 years from indie rock icons Archers of Loaf with a cover of "Street Fighting Man" originally recorded by The Rolling Stones on B-side.  

"Raleigh Days"/"Street Fighting Man" 

Archers Of Loaf - Raleigh Days / Street Fighting Man [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Aug

7" record of the song “Bones” from the band's new album, Guardians. The single, on opaque white bone vinyl, features the album version on Side A and an instrumental version on Side B. The instrumental version features a 30 second interlude section that was cut from the original album version.

“Bones” / “Bones (Instrumental)”

August Burns Red - Bones [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

CHANGESNOWBOWIE is a 9-track session recorded for radio and broadcast by the BBC on David’s 50th birthday on 8th January, 1997. The broadcast originally featured an interview with David by Mary Ann Hobbs interspersed with specially recorded birthday messages and questions from the likes of Scott Walker, Damon Albarn, Bono, Robert Smith and many more. The interview and birthday messages do not feature on this album. This mostly acoustic session was a stripped back affair featuring some of David’s favourites of his own compositions and was produced by Bowie himself, Reeves Gabrels and Mark Plati.

David Bowie - Changesnowbowie [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

I’m Only Dancing - Taken from recently discovered sources in The David Bowie Archive®, I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74) was recorded mostly during David’s performance at the Michigan Palace, Detroit on 20th October, 1974, with the encores taken from the Municipal Auditorium, Nashville on 30th November, 1974. 

The Soul Tour was a radical mid-tour departure from Bowie’s 1974 Diamond Dogs theatrical extravaganza. During a three week break in late 1974, the Diamond Dogs Tour’s elaborate six-ton Hunger City stage set was drastically stripped back, and the tour’s set list overhauled to include as-yet-unreleased tracks from the Young Americans sessions at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia. The Soul Tour also featured a revamped band, augmented to include musicians and vocalists from those sessions, and rechristened The Mike Garson Band. 

I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74) follows on from the previous Record Store Day 2 LP release Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74) and is an incredible historical document of a performer and band at the height of their live powers. The artwork for both the 2 LP and 2 CD releases is based on the original design for the programmes available at venues for dates on The Soul Tour.  The Soul Tour has taken a on mythical status among Bowie fans, as the tour only visited 17 cities in the East and South of US. This is the first time that any audio from this incarnation of the tour has ever been officially released.

David Bowie - I'm Only Dancing (Soul Tour 74) [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

Vital document of one of the first bands to put serious cracks in rock's glass ceiling!

Never able to fit the mold that label executives demanded, at the very end of 1969 the Quatro sisters' Pleasure Seekers became Cradle. Though "the suits" weren't ready for them, their forward-thinking sound and quintessentially Detroit determination blazed a trail for the decades of hard-rocking women who followed -- as did their choice to remain true to themselves, no matter what. Pressed on double purple vinyl.

1. Cradle Introduction 2. Living Machine 3. Man Is A Man 4. Sally And Johnny 5. See The Two 6. Heat 7. Peter Porno 8. Funny Man 9. Ted 10. Soothsayer 11. Last Laugh 12. Dream

Cradle - History [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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Mikal Cronin

Switched-On Seeker [RSD Drops Aug 2020]

ON SALE $19.98 Vinyl: $12.98 Buy

Used Vinyl: $1.00 Buy Used

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

RSD Exclusive Aug

Limited edition companion to Mikal Cronin's 2019  Seeker album, Switched-On Seeker is a completely synth-based, full-length reworking of Seeker in the vein of Wendy Carlos' "Switched-On" series.  

“Shelter”|”Show Me”|”Feel It All”|”Fire”|”Sold”|”I've Got”|”Reason”|”Caravan”|”Guardian Well”|”Lost a Year”|”On the Shelf”

Mikal Cronin - Switched-On Seeker [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$1.00 ON SALE
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RSD Exclusive Aug

40th Anniversary Edition of The Cure's second studio album Seventeen Seconds, featuring their first UK top 40 single "A Forest". Pressed on picture disc for the first time, exclusively for Record Store Day 2020 

The Cure - Seventeen Seconds [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus - Aug

Classic, pioneering 1989 acid house track with new remixes by Serge Santiago, Mall Grab, Rebuke and Nathan Micay. The original featured Gary Haisman on vocals and reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart and #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart in 1989. It was originally banned by the BBC and is a key part of the legacy of UK dance music. A truly legendary and genre-defining track.

A1. We Call It Acieed (feat. Gary Haisman) (12” Version Remastered) A2. We Call It Acieed (feat. Gary Haisman) (Rebuke Remix) A3. We Call It Acieed (feat. Gary Haisman) (Mallgrab Remix)

B1. We Call It Acieed (feat. Gary Haisman) (Nathan Micay’s Limp Wrist Society Remix) B2. We Call It Acieed (feat. Gary Haisman) (Serge Santiago Remix)

D-Mob - We Call It Acieed [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$14.98 ON SALE
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RSD Exclusive Aug

A 12” Dio picture disc for Record Store Day based around his Magica album. The A-side leads with rare track “Annica” from the Magica sessions and includes live and studio versions of “Lord Of The Last Day”. Side B is the 18 minute epic Dio spoken word piece “Magica Story”. 

Side A
1. Annica 2. Lord of the Last Day (2019 Remaster) 3. Lord of the Last Day (Live on Magica Tour;2019 - Remaster)

Side B
1. Magica Story - Studio Spoken Word (2019 Remaster)

Dio - Annica [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Aug

Ezra Collective are proud to present the “Samuel L. Riddim” on a vinyl pressing for the first time and It's partnered with a brand new funk groove, "Dark Side Riddim"-- a conclusion to the battle between good and evil?  You'll have to listen to find out. 

Samuel L.Riddim / Dark Side Riddim

Ezra Collective - Samuel L.Riddim / Dark Side Riddim
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Craig Finn

All These Perfect Crosses [RSD Drops Aug 2020]

Vinyl: $29.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $11.49 Download

RSD 'First' Aug

'All These Perfect Crosses is a collection of songs that came from the sessions for Faith In The Future, We All Want The Same Things, and I Need A New War. For Craig, these three records are one body of work, and the songs on this collection are pieces of that larger narrative. For various reasons, these songs didn't appear on the records they were recorded for, but they still tell a part of the same story: modern people trying to make it through, to keep their heads above water, to live past their mistakes, to survive.

A1. All These Perfect Crosses A2. It's Never Been A Fair Fight A3. Ram In The Thicket A4. Wild Animals A5. Calvary Court (Full Band)
B1. God in Chicago (Horn Version) B2. Eventually I Made It To Sioux City B3. They Know Where I Live B4. Sometimes She Doesn't Call Back B5. Screenwriter's School

C1. Three Drinks C2. Extras C3. Calvary Court (Piano Version) C4. Rescue Blues (Demo) C5. Tangletown (Demo)
D1. Plattsburgh (Acoustic) D2. It's Never Been A Fair Fight (Acoustic) D3. Magic Marker (Acoustic) D4. Blankets (Acoustic) D5. Grant at Galena (Acoustic)

Craig Finn - All These Perfect Crosses [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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Live! At Sheffield 1974 [RSD Drops Aug 2020]

Vinyl: $34.98 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $8.99 Download

RSD Exclusive Aug

“Crystal Gnome” | “Radio Gnome I & II” | “Mister Pyxie” | “Deep in the Sky” | “Flying Tea-Pot” | “Wet Drum Sandwich” | “Mange Ton Calepin” | “You Can't Kill Me” | “Titicaca”

Gong - Live! At Sheffield 1974 [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD 'First' Aug

In May 2002, Disney pulled the plug on Mammoth Records just weeks before the June 25th release date of John Wesley Harding's The Man with No Shadow. No more than 300 hundred journalists received advance CDs of Harding's new record, while only a handful of radio stations received the single "Negative Love'. No other physical copies existed. Over the years those advance CDs have fetched untold hundreds of dollars from an eager fan base in search of Wes' great 'lost" album. Though many - but not all - of the songs ended up on 2004's Adam's Apple (DRT Records), which All Music Guide called 'the finest album of his career', those that did make the cut were in a jumbled running order. The album has never previously been released on vinyl. The Man With No Shadow First Edition restores the album to Wes's original vision. The audio has been remastered from the original tapes, and the package includes cover art from the original sessions and extensive liner notes. The CD package includes the original album plus a bonus unheard band demos and studio outtakes, all previously unreleased.

1. Nothing At All 2. Negative Love 3. Monkey and his Cat 4. Sleeper, Awake 5. Hard 6. Pull 7. Sussex Ghost Story 8. It Stays 9. When You Smile 10. Sluts 11. She Never Talks 12. Already Dead 13. Protest Protest Protest (from Adam's Apple) 14. Slippery Slide to Bliss (Out-take) 15. Sluts (Demo) 16. Negative Love (Demo) 17. Monkey and his Cat (Demo) 18. Sleeper, Awake (Demo)

John Wesley Harding - The Man With No Shadow [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

Recorded live by the BBC on 28th September 1972 at the famed Paris Theatre in London, this is the classic Space Ritual-era Hawkwind, featuring Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Lemmy Kilmister & Stacia Blake. This 11-track, hour long show of the stereo version features Hawkwind classics “Born To Go”, “Seven By Seven” & "Master of the Universe". The release also includes two bonus tracks recorded for Johnny Walker’s BBC Radio 1 show the same year: “Brainstorm” & “Silver Machine”

Live at The Paris Theatre, London
Side 1
1. Countdown, 2. Born To Go, 3. The Black Corridor
Side 2
1. Seven By Seven, 2. Brainstorm, 3. Electronic No. 1

Side 3
1. Master Of The Universe, 2. Paranoia, 3. Earth Calling

Side 4
1. Silver Machine, 2. Welcome To The Future

Johnnie Walker Radio 1 Session 1972
3. Brainstorm, 4. Silver Machine

Hawkwind - At The Bbc 1972 [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$21.98 ON SALE
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RSD 'First' Aug

Originally released in 1977, Quark… was the Dave Brock and Robert Calvert masterpiece that perfectly embraced the influence of the musical New Wave to deliver one of the most effective albums released during Calvert’s tenure with Hawkwind. This expanded double LP Record Store Day edition has been cut at Abbey Road Studios and is pressed on clear vinyl.
This edition features a bonus LP featuring five alternate studio session takes released on vinyl for the very first time.






Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness & Charm [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive - Aug

NC folk rockers Hiss Golden Messenger re-record two of their original songs, "Cat's Eye Blue" (from their critically acclaimed 2019 album Terms of Surrender) "Standing in the Doorway"  (a 2017 digital-only single) at Spacebomb Studios in Richmond VA, with contributions from their in-house orchestra. The latest in the Alive at Spacebomb Studios series.  

“Cat’s Eye Blue”/”Standing In The Doorway” 

Hiss Golden Messenger - Let the Light of the World Open Your Eyes (Alive at Spacebomb) [RSD Drops Sep 2020]
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RSD 'First' Aug

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Elton John's first UK album with this limited edition Record Store Day exclusive deluxe gatefold 2LP version. Pressed on transparent purple vinyl, the first disc features the 2016 remaster of the original album, while the second contains a selection of bonus tracks from the 2008 CD Deluxe Edition, never previously released on vinyl, as well as two previously unreleased demos of 'Border Song' and 'Bad Side Of The Moon'. Out 18th April for Record Store Day 2020.

LP1 / SIDE A –
1. Your Song, 2. I Need You To Turn To, 3. Take Me To The Pilot, 4. No Shoe Strings On Louise, 5. First Episode At Hienton
LP1 / SIDE B –
1. Sixty Years On, 2. Border Song, 3. The Greatest Discovery, 4. The Cage, 5. The King Must Die
LP2 / SIDE A –
1. Your Song (Piano Demo), 2. I Need You To Turn To (Piano Demo), 3. Take Me To The Pilot (Piano Demo), 4. Sixty Years On (Piano Demo), 5. Border Song (Piano Demo), 6. Bad Side Of The Moon (Piano Demo)
LP2 / SIDE B –
1. Thank You Mama (Piano Demo), 2. All The Way Down To El Paso (Piano Demo), 3. I’m Going Home (Piano Demo), 4. Bad Side Of The Moon, 5. Grey Seal, 6. Rock And Roll Madonna

Elton John - Elton John [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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Pete Krebs

All My Friends Are Ghosts [RSD Drops Aug 2020]

Vinyl: $24.99 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Aug

Brand new studio record of all new original material from Hall of Famer Pete Krebs. Recorded with his all-electric band The Gossamer Wings. These new songs are in line with the other two records from this line up I Know It By Heart and Sweet Ona Rose. Highly anticipated new record from internationally recognized singer-songwriter Pete Krebs.

Pete Krebs - All My Friends Are Ghosts [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

Grandpaw Would is the first solo album by Australian indie pop artist Ben Lee, released in 1995 in the US on the Beastie Boys label, Grand Royal. Twenty-five years later, New West is proud to reissue this record in a deluxe package featuring a second disc of six unreleased songs as well as two cover songs and material from Ben's 1995 EP Away With The Pixies and his 1995 7" single,  “Pop Queen”. Limited pressing on birthday cake vinyl.

Side A Pop Queen ~ How Can That Be? ~ Sprawl * I'm With The Star ~ Don't Leave ~ Away With The Pixies ~ Bolt ~ Side View * Pathetic *

Side B Song 4 You ~ Trying To Sneeze * The Loft * Frigid ~ Stumbling Block * Ductile ~ Love Song ~ Green Hearts ~ My Guitar ~

Grandpaw Would was Produced and Mixed by Brad Wood and Casey Rice
~ Recorded and mixed by Brad Wood at Idful Music Corp., Chicago, Illinois
* Recorded and Mixed by Casey Rice at Steve Pavlovic’s Apartment, Sydney, Australia

Side C 1. Blind + Stale (Home Demo) + 2. Bolt (Home Demo) + 3. Here (Home Demo) + 4. Pop Queen (Home Demo) + 5. Song 4 You (Home Demo) + 6. Tugboat (Home Demo) + 7. Beat Them (Grandpaw Would Outtake) + 8. Stumbling Block (No Drums - Grandpaw Would Alt Version) +

Side D 9. Ductile * 10. Red Slurpee * 11. Shirtless * 12. Gidget Goes To Rome * 13. Happy Hand * 14. My Turntable * 15. Nature's Mosquito * 16. Be A Kid * 17. The Waiting Game ** 18. Get Your Sleep **

Tracks 1-6 Recorded by Ben Lee at Home

Tracks 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Recorded on Ben’s 4-Track In His Room

Track 10 Recorded on Ben’s 4-Track with Josh Ratner

Track 16 Recorded on Ben’s 4-Track with Timothy Reuben, my nephew

Tracks 7, 8, 17, 18 Produced and Mixed by Casey Rice

Ben Lee - Grandpaw Would [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$19.98 ON SALE
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RSD 'First' Aug

Written, recorded and released January 1970, in a span of just ten days, Instant Karma! was to become one of John Lennon’s most popular singles, reaching #5 in the UK and #2 in the US. Featuring George Harrison alongside bassist Klaus Voormann, drummer Alan White and keyboardist Billy Preston, it marked the first time any Beatle collaborated with legendary producer Phil Spector, who later that year worked on the band’s final album (Let It Be) and solo albums from John and George. Newly mixed audio. Artwork is a faithful reproduction of original UK sleeve.

Lennon/Ono with the Plastic Ono Band - Instant Karma! (2020 Ultimate Mixes) [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

For the entirety of her nearly three-decade-long career, globally acclaimed singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb has been exploring a variety of styles of music, moving seamlessly between creating family-friendly albums, including her 2018 Grammy-winning Feel What U Feel, and adult-focused studio albums like Tails, Firecracker, and The Way It Really Is. It is her latest release, her fifteenth record to date, A Simple Trick To Happiness, that finds Loeb putting forth her most poignant and profoundly personal album in an exceptional body of work. The Record Store Day exclusive deluxe vinyl release of 'A Simple Trick To Happiness' features a deluxe tip-on jacket, poster insert, and 180-gram vinyl pressing.

1. Doesn't It Feel Good (feat. Michelle Branch) 2. Skeleton 3. Another Day 4. This Is My Life 5. For The Birch 6. Most of All 7. Shine 8. Sing Out 9. I Wanna Go First 10. The Upside 11. Wonder

Lisa Loeb - Simple Trick To Happiness [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$18.98 ON SALE
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RSD 'First' Aug

Recently unearthed final performance of the iconic theremin rock pioneers Lothar & The Hand People! Unique unissued takes form a virtual greatest hits from a band with zero digital footprint! While technically live recordings, these takes rival the studio cuts and even include some completely unheard compositions that will finally reach the ears of the Hand fans. Who knew they could make a take on Machines with more horsepower than any version you've heard!

1. Machines 2. Comic Strip 3. What Grows On Your Head 4. This Is It 5. Torture 6. Midnight Ranger 7. It Comes On Anyhow 8. Ha (Ho) 9. Today Is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow 10. Sdrawkcab

Lothar and the Hand People - Machines: Amherst 1969 [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

The sequel to last year's RSD edition of Blood on Black Wax. It's not a *true* sequel, however, as it works well on its own.

This RSD 2020 release includes 240 pages of sci-fi/fantasy soundtrack recaps, interviews, and full-color vinyl soundtrack artwork. This time out the focus is tighter ('60s to '90s). However, television soundtracks are also featured in a chapter (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Twilight Zone, etc.). In a way it's even more accessible than the first book, with popular franchises including Star Trek, Star Wars, Mad Max, Batman, Ghostbusters, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Superman, Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park, E.T.....plus a decent amount of cult favorites.

The included 7” single is of music by Christopher Young (Pet Sematary/Drag Me To Hell/Species) created for but unused in Tobe Hooper's '86 version of Invaders from Mars, remixed for this release. It’s pressed on anti-freeze green vinyl with custom artwork by Hagcult.

Also includes a bookmark hand-numbered and signed by authors Aaron Lupton and Jeff Szpirglas

Side A: Invaders from Mars (part I)
Side B: Invaders from Mars (part II)

Aaron Lupton & Jeff Szpirglas - Planet Wax: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Soundtracks On Vinyl [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD 'First' Aug

A recreation of the original limited edition UK 12”, this 40th Anniversary edition will be available in the US for the first time. Pressed on clear vinyl, the B-side features the rare "Band Version" of the song, and a live "I Shot the Sheriff" from the 1977 Rainbow Theatre concert, both on vinyl for the first time in 40 years.

SIDE A – 1. Redemption Song
SIDE B – 1. Redemption Song (Band Edit Version), 2. I Shot The Sheriff (Live At The Rainbow)

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Redemption Song [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

Wewantsounds announces the special reissue of one of Ennio Morricone's most striking soundtracks, composed for Henri Verneuils's 1975 film, Peur Sur La Ville (Fear Over The City). This special edition includes the original score released in 1975 plus a second album’s worth of bonuses which have never been released on vinyl, including two tracks making their official debut after 45 years.

Ennio Morricone's association with French director Henri Verneuil comes close to the one the Maestro had with Sergio Leone. This fruitful collaboration spawned many classics including The Sicilian Clan (1969), Le Casse (1971), Le Serpent (1973), and I Comme Icare (1979). Peur Sur La Ville from 1975 is probably the peak of their collaboration and is undoubtedly one of Morricone's best scores. The thriller featuring Jean Paul Belmondo was a huge blockbuster hit in France and Morricone's soundtrack became equally famous. It features all of Morricone's trademarks: a catchy theme with haunting piano chords, Alessandro Alessandroni's whistle, dissonant strings, melodramatic melodies, and catchy sexy groovy tracks. But as the French film failed to become an international hit, its score didn't get the exposure it deserved becoming cult only to the circle of Morricone fans. John Zorn did feature the "Peur Sur La Ville Theme" on his cult 1984 homage to the Maestro, The Big Gundown (making it to second position in the track list) but the soundtrack never had the trajectory of those made for Sergio Leone.

A wealth of bonus tracks was unearthed in the '90s, but this is the first time they make it to vinyl. The Wewantsounds team have completely re-sequenced the whole track list in a more chronological way and added two fascinating completely unissued tracks including a superb alternative version of the theme "Minaccia Telefonata". For this special edition, the label asked Californian musician and soundtrack expert AM to team up with his good Paris friend, Air's JB Dunckel to discuss the Peur Sur La Ville film and music, and their common admiration for the Maestro's music. This edition comes in a gatefold sleeve superbly designed by American illustrator Eric Adrian Lee, making good use of the film photos.

A1. Peur Sur La Ville A2. Considération Sur Un Homicide A3. Avvertire La Polizia* A4. Dolcemente Ambigua* A5. Suspense* A6. Un Sursaut* A7. La Tension Monte* A8. Jukebox Psychédélique* A9. Peur Sur Paris*

B1. Défense De Stationner B2. Minaccia Telefonata N.1* B3. Sur Les Toits De Paris B4. Mannequins B5. Essere Preso Dal Panico* B6. Une Bouffée De Radio B7. Paris Secret B8. La Scorta* B9. Le Tellier E Helene* LP2

C1. Paranoïaquement Vôtre C2. Reconsidération** C3. Minaccia Telefonata N.2* C4. Otages C5. Notturno Primo* C6. Assassinio*

D1. À L'angle D'une Rue De La Périphérie* D2. Minaccia Telefonata N.3** D3. Tractations* D4. Notturno Secondo* D5. Peur Sur La Ville (Final) D6. Dénouement*

* Previously unreleased on vinyl.
**Previously unreleased.

Ennio Morricone - Peur Sur La Ville [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$26.98 ON SALE
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RSD Exclusive Aug

Twenty-four tracks from the 1991 Brick by Brick tour in Paris, recorded directly from the council board. This RSD Drops 3 x LP package includes a DVD filmed on eight cameras by Tim Pope, printed inner sleeves and a copy of the original tour poster. Never before released on vinyl. 

“Raw Power” | “5 Foot 1” | “Dirt” | “Loose” | “Lust For Life” | “China Girl” | “I Got A Right” | “Butt Town” | “Real Wild Child” | “My Baby Wants To R N'R” | “Neon Forest”| “Home” | “Brick By Brick” | “1969” | “Candy” | “I Wanna Be Your Dog” | “No Fun” | “Search And Destroy” | “Down On The Street” | “The Passenger” | “Louie Louie” | “Foxy Lady”

Iggy Pop - Kiss My Blood (Live In Paris 1991) [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Exclusive Aug

A special four LP 180g boxed set containing the legendary first four John Prine albums, presented in their original packaging: John Prine, Sweet Revenge, Diamonds in the Rough, Common Sense
Limited to 2000 copies

John Prine - Atlantic Albums [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD 'First' Aug

Refused's Maida Vale in-studio session for BBC Radio 1's 'Rock Show With Daniel P Carter', pressed on crystal clear vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day 2020. Includes track "Economy Of Death", available for the first time here.

1. REV001 2. Malfire 3. I Wanna Watch The World Burn
1. It’s Not Okay / Rather Be Dead 2. Economy Of Death

Refused - Not Fit For Broadcasting - Live At The BBC [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$16.98 ON SALE
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RSD 'First' Aug

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of two releases from psychedelic icons The Soft Boys, their Near The Soft Boys EP and the single for their biggest hit "I Wanna Destroy You. To commemorate these releases, Yep Roc will be reissuing these ultra-rare releases as a limited edition gatefold double 45. Both titles have never been reissued and fetch tidy sums in collector's circles. "I Wanna Destroy You" has become an anthem in today's political climate and features the rare disco version of "I'm an Old Pervert" on it's b-side. Near The Soft Boys features two Hitchock-penned originals - "Kingdom of Love" and "Strange" - as well as a cover of Syd Barrett's "Vegetable Man".

I Wanna Destroy You: SIDE A: I Wanna Destroy You SIDE B: I'm an Old Pervert (Disco) Near the

Soft Boys: SIDE A: Kingdom of Love SIDE B: 1. Vegetable Man 2. Strange

The Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You / Near The Soft Boys (40th Anniversary Edition) [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$14.43 ON SALE
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RSD 'First' Aug

All the Weird Kids Up Front (Más Rolas Chidas) is a fan-selected companion piece to Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon. With a tracklist submitted by and voted on by fans, it features deep cuts from the Austin, TX band's 25-year history.

1. The Fitted Shirt 2. Don't Make Me a Target 3. The Beast and Dragon, Adored 4. Is Love Forever? 5. I Summon You 6. Out Go the Lights 7. Who Makes Your Money 8. The Ghost of You Lingers 9. Paper Tiger 10. WhisperI'lllistentohearit 11. Tear It Down 12. New York Kiss

Spoon - All The Weird Kids Up Front (Más Rolas Chidas) [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD 'First' Aug

7" single of Cat Stevens’ song “But I Might Die Tonight”, from the album Tea For The Tillerman. The B-side features the alternative version of the song, from the movie Deep End (starring Jane Asher), reworked specifically for the film and previously unavailable until now! Pressed on light blue vinyl.

SIDE A – 1. But I Might Die Tonight (Movie Version)
SIDE B – 1. But I Might Die Tonight (Remastered 2020)

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - But I Might Die Tonight [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Aug

A collection of singles and compilation tracks from queercore legends Team Dresch released between 1994 and 2000.  Includes early hit's like "Hand Grenade" and later anthems like "It's A Conversation".  Will be pressed on pink vinyl and the vinyl edition will be exclusive to RSD 2020.

1. My Voice 2. Hand Grenade 3. Endtime Relay 4. Molasses In January 5. Seven 6. Fake Fight 7. Song For Anne Bannon 8. What Can A Lover Do? 9. It's A Conversation 10. Deattached 11. Venus Lacy 12. Temporary Insurance

Team Dresch - Choices, Chances, Changes [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$13.98 ON SALE
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RSD 'First' Aug

Throwing Muses released their long awaited Purgatory/Paradise in 2013, ten years after their previous studio album - a 32 track opus of tangible bliss. Initially devised as both an album and as a book, with writing by Hersh and art by Narcizo, this vinyl reissue features all 32 tracks from the alt-rock heroes.

SIDE A: 1. Smoky Hands 1 2. Morning Birds 1 3. Sleepwalking 2 4. Sunray Venus 5. Cherry Candy 1 6. Film 7. Opiates 8. Cherry Candy 2
SIDE B: 1.Freesia 2. Curtains 3. Triangle Quantico 4. Morning Birds 5. Lazy Eye 6. Blurry 7. Folding Fire 8. Slippershell
SIDE C: 1.Bluff 2. Blurry 3. Terra Nova 4. Walking Talking 5. Milan 6. Curtains 7. Folding Fire 8. Static
SIDE D: 1. Clark's Nutcracker 2. Dripping Trees 3. Sleepwalking 4. Smoky Hands 5. Speedbath 6. Quick 7. Dripping Trees 8. Glass Cats

Throwing Muses - Purgatory / Paradise [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
$22.98 ON SALE
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RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Aug

Exclusively for RSD, four of Twiztid's newest works now available on coke bottle green vinyl! This limited edition release includes a brand new track, "All These Problems" that has never been heard before. This will be a highly sought-after piece by Twiztid fans everywhere.

1. All These Problems, 2. My Bible (ft. Young Wicked & Stevie Stone)
1. F Feelings, 2. 4get U (ft. Young Wicked & Ekoh)

Twiztid - All These Problems [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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RSD 'First' Aug

A 40th Anniversary release of Ultravox’s debut single, with Midge Ure on vocals. Originally released on 7” single in 1980, this will be the first time on 12” and includes brand new stereo mixes by Steven Wilson.  The new A-side mix of “Sleepwalking” is taken from the forthcoming Vienna 40th Anniversary Box Set coming this summer.  

“Sleepwalk (Steven Wilson Stereo Mix)” / “Waiting (Steven Wilson Stereo Mix)”
”Sleepwalk (Conny Plank Original Mix)” / “Waiting (Conny Plank Original Mix)”

Ultravox - Sleepwalk (2020 Stereo Mix) [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
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