Tasty down and dirty blues album by the great T-Model Ford!
Tasty down and dirty blues album by the great T-Model Ford!
T-Model Ford - Bad Man


Format: CD
Label: FAPO
Catalog: 80363
Rel. Date: 09/10/2002
UPC: 045778036325

Bad Man
Artist: T-Model Ford
Format: CD
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Tasty down and dirty blues album by the great T-Model Ford!


From one perspective, it's fitting that Fat Possum Records called T-ModelFord's latest album Bad Man. After all, the Greenville, Mississippi-basedbluesman served time on a murder rap, and often boasts of his misdeeds onstageand off. But famed Memphis musician Jim Dickinson—who produced Bad Man—disagrees.Citing the negative insinuations that go along with the album title—includingwords like "primitive" and "illiterate," Dickinson saysthat he wanted to call the album Good Stuff, noting Ford's perfecttempo and upbeat demeanor, both of which permeated these sessions.

The self-proclaimed "boss of the blues" kicks things off with "AskHer for Water," a skewed take on Tommy Johnson's "Cool Drinkof Water Blues." T-Model provides the grinding riffs, while drummer Spamshuffles amiably alongside. The duo's combined sound is remarkably thick,with Ford churning out the lyrics in his signature stream-of-consciousness style.Close your eyes while listening, and you can almost feel the juke joint floorshake.

Ford weighs in with his own "Bad Man," proclaiming "I'ma guitar player in town/ Here I come to knock ‘em down/ I'm a badman." It's a heavy, droning number, but sinister nonetheless. He switchesgears for "Let the Church Roll On," which features background vocalsfrom Othar Turner's family, heavy hitters on the North Mississippi hillcountry blues scene. Like Fred McDowell's 1966 recordings from Hunter'sChapel church in nearby Como, Mississippi, this track cuts through the sacredand the secular. It paints a complex portrait of this "Bad Man," who,when all is said and done, is capable of some good stuff after all.
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